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Body Jewelry

GARUDA Organic tribal body jewelry hand carved in wood, bone and horn. Body Jewelry sizes 00, 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and basic tunnel plugs. Bone : Horn : Wood : black : white : organic : tribal : faux : carved

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GARUDA and Western Bohemian jewelry : Body Jewelry

The adornment of the self has been a sacred form or self expression for longer than history can remember. The ritual beautification is an expression of experiences and memories, filled with symbols and shapes that reflect the world around and inside us, and our gains of wisdom, successes and failures that have made us stronger and more valuable. The changing nature of our strength and being is accentuated with tribal self expression, using our ability to showcase our senses and power through tribal body jewelry as a crown of the self, stating our changing moods and desires.

Tribal Body Jewelry: Wood Piercing Jewelry that supports nature and culture. Improving life : WESTERN BOHEMIAN : Organic Jewelry and gauge earrings : carved from natural and organic materials.

Organic : Exotic : Tribal

Hand-carved, natural. ...enjoy your exotic nature