Carved Wood Jewelry

Carved Wood Jewelry handmade in fine exotic wood. Lightweight and smooth wooden earrings, richly colored exotic wood jewelry in tones from eggshell, deep chocolate, grey, midnight green to purplish-red-brown are finely carved and polished by hand to create our natural jewelry.

GARUDA and Western Bohemian jewelry : Carved Wood Jewelry


Feel Good About Your Purchase!
By purchasing Western Bohemian and GARUDA handmade Wood Jewelry you are supporting traditional crafts, and the families that make them. All of our jewelry is hand carved, one piece at a time. Western Bohemian strives to provide quality, unique, hand-crafted Earth-friendly products to satisfy the soul and beyond...
Your purchase supports traditional crafts and families and is a choice to purchase a product produced in an environmentally responsible way.
Our adornments are hand-crafted by traditional people of natural materials, responsibly harvested and supporting nature, craft and culture, improving the quality of life and providing jobs that showcase talents and skills. We work closely with our artists to create our original tribal wooden earrings and jewelry.