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Hoop Earrings :|: GARUDA :|: tribal jewelry

* by purchasing our Hoop Earrings you are supporting traditional crafts & families. ...enjoy your exotic nature.

A large selection of finely crafted hoop earrings in natural, genuine horn, wood & bone. Bold, playful hoop earrings in tribal, boho, drop and spiral styles.

Beautiful, finely crafted hoop earrings in natural colors, black and white, made in materials such as bone, horn and wood in tribal and boho styles. These handmade hoop earrings are just what you have been looking for. 

Indulge yourself with these handmade hoop earrings in exotic and organic materials, the best natural hoop earrings available for you to buy, now. Available in wood, bone or horn, these simple and beautiful carved hoop earrings are handmade in natural and smooth high quality materials without any coatings and, like all of our carved jewelry, are an amazing organic jewelry accent that great for most people who are sensitive to metal. Indulge your jewelry obsession with these large wood hoop earrings and exotic organic jewelry and earrings, available for you, now...