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Horn Jewelry :|: GARUDA Organic jewelry

* by purchasing this handcrafted jewelry you are supporting traditional crafts & families. ...enjoy your exotic nature.

Horn Jewelry | Created by artists : Handmade with precision in traditions learned for centuries. Horn earrings in hoop, drop, organic and hanging styles. Buffalo Horn Jewelry : Natural, hand-carved by indigenous artists: horn jewelry styles: hoop, tusk, talon, spiral, gauge, necklaces, tribal, black, amber

Handmade horn jewelry, carved in natural water buffalo horn. Deep black, smooth horn is carved and polished to a smooth finish by hand to create our organic jewelry.

Buffalo Horn Jewelry : hand-carved by indigenous artists: horn jewelry - carved pendants - horn earrings : natural - organic -gauged -necklaces - tribal jewelry - black horn jewelry - amber horn jewelry.

wouldn't you look amazing in...
...our tribal horn jewelry ?
Yes, yes you will...

About the horn for this jewelry:

LATIN NAME: bubalus bubalis.
ORIGIN: South-East Asia
HARVESTING PRACTICE: The horn we use is from beloved farming practice.
OTHER DETAILS: Recycled. The water buffalo of South East Asia is a domesticated animal. It is used to plow fields and carry loads. They are well treated and important to the survival of the native people. When they are too old to work, they are eaten and all part of the animal are utilized. They are never taken in pursuit of the horns!
About the horn earrings and jewelry:
Horn is very much like your hair or fingernails in nature, and requires care. The horn needs to be conditioned, and should be oiled to protect it
as we suggested earlier. This will maintain the color and preserve the smooth surface.

Genuine Horn Jewelry, created with precision skill by talented artists whose local tradition for centuries has been making carved horn art and jewelry. Each piece is carefully crafted one at a time, by hand from selected natural horn of the South-East Asian Domestic Water Buffalo. These large animals are used for plowing fields and carrying heavy loads, and are treasured and cared for into old age. In recent years too many jewelry producers have started harvesting the buffalo horn, making them rare and difficult to get, as well as victim to poaching and theft. Although we still have this collection of Buffalo horn jewelry, we no longer produce horn jewelry in regards to the unregulated over-harvesting of this precious and much needed animal, for fear of poor practices by those who provide the horn to us. The jewelry we offer here was all made of horn harvested previous to 2016. Please get what you want soon, for we will not make any more of this precious jewelry until the practices of other producers improve enough to protect this sacred animal.

Western Bohemian Jewelry : carved horn jewelry - horn pendants - horn body jewelry - horn earrings- horn tribal jewelry - spiral earrings - hoop earrings - black jewelry - horn earrings - horn gauged earrings.