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Ivory Wood Earrings | Western Bohemian

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Ivory Wood Earrings : Tribal Jewelry

* by purchasing Western Bohemian Ivory Wood Earrings you are supporting traditional craftsmen and their cultures.

...enjoy your exotic nature

Light weight carved Ivory Wood Earrings

Western Bohemian's collection of light blonde or ivory colored wood earrings, carved of beautiful Ivory Wood. These are amazing on people with blonde hair, as the color of the wood contrasts the hair color like highlights of beautiful swirling ivory wood, and also accent dark tanned and black skin beautifully. on any color of hair or skin, these earrings are  the most stunning.

Hand carved by traditional artisans, fair-trade. natural.

These beautiful creamy ivory colored wooden earrings look fantastic on all skin and hair colors and types, especially stunning on blonde and dark haired people.

Western Bohemian | Wood Earrings

About your ivory wood earrings:


OTHER  NAMES: Bentawas, Bintangur
OTHER  NAMES: Crocodile Wood, Panggal Buaya (Spine / scale of Crocodile)
 LATIN NAME: Zanthoxylum Rhetsa .
ORIGIN: Indonesia, Bali, Tabanan Regency, Selemadeg district.
HARVESTING PRACTICE: Can be grown in a Plantation or “Wild Garden”.  The Wild Garden is an area of land behind where the people in the village live, many trees, fruits and plants are grown there. Essentially it is a kind of family farm, half wild, that is shared by the community. A permit must be acquired and the community must agree before the wood is cut.
OTHER DETAILS: Native to lowlands from India to the Philippines, bentawas and crocodile wood are almost ivory in color, and is referred to as the ivory of woods because of its smooth finish and color.

 Care of your Ivory wood earrings:

  The wood earrings need to be cleaned conditioned, and should be oiled to protect it on occasion, but too frequent of oiling will cause the color to become too dark and loose its luster. Oiling occasionally with jojoba oil or an organic jewelry care product will help to maintain the color and integrity of the material, and may deepen the color slightly. This may also happen over time due to the natural oils of your skin absorbing into the material as it becomes a part of your daily life. clean with a very mild soap as/if needed.


What's the best way to put the organic wood earrings on? 

Gently hold the earring and your ear lobe. get the post started so it is through both the front of the earring and started into your piercing. Twist the post and gently and insert it through your piercing and the back of the earrings, maybe wiggling the post slightly until it finds its way through. Please don't try to force them.The posts should be snug, but not jammed in. Be gentle.