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Bone Jewelry

Hoop Earrings | Agni. (Sacred fire) Carved Earrings. Bone Jewelry.

Hoop Earrings

Agni. (Sacred fire) Carved Earrings. Bone Jewelry.

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This exotic ring of fire dangling in tribal hoop earrings made in bone looks fantastic hanging from your ears. Sacred Fire. Like a cradle of Sacred Life Force : Jewelry carved in genuine Buffalo Bone.

Color: White.

Measures:  1 3/8 inches W x 1 1/2 inches L.

Beautiful, bold and fine, like you.

Bone Jewelry - Tribal Jewelry

Our natural, carved and and tribal jewelry are hand crafted with precision skill by talented artisans whose local tradition for centuries has been making jewelry in organic materials. bone earrings : Detailed Carved Hanging Hoop Earrings. Fair trade Carved jewelry by Western Bohemian. Exotic Tribal Earrings : eco friendly bohemian jewelry that complement your unique personal style. Our tribal earrings are hand carved and natural

Enjoy your exotic nature.

Sacred fire. bone earrings.

SKU # er-202-b

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