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Leather Accessories | Western Bohemian

Earrings sold as pairs. Prices listed are RETAIL and US $

Leather Accessories : Tribal Jewelry

* by purchasing Western Bohemian Leather Accessories you are supporting traditional craftsmen and their cultures.

...enjoy your exotic nature

Leather Accessories & jewelry : created in boutique tanned leather, hand crafted into bracelets, pendants and other accessories by the team at Western Bohemian.

We just spent a year in the remote eastern islands of the Indonesian archipelago, traversing and wasting days in places where very few people go. This inspired new line of leather and shell jewelry.  It is striking and soothing: Hand collected sea shells resembling agates and jasper among other things, set in buckskin, buffalo hide, oiled deerskin and hand crafted small batch leathers made in Chicago at a boutique leather tannery combined with exotic leathers such as python, manta, and lizard from the wilds of the jungles and seas. These beautiful fine leathers framing hand gathered shells in bracelets, wide cuffs, wristbands, pendants and slides for necklaces are stunning and carry a feeling of wildness and peace with an exotic flare that can be used every day, for attention getting evening wear or for formal and fashion related events.

Mens Leather Bracelets and Jewelry

We finally listened up to all those men who have been asking us for leather bracelets for guys too. We can make any size or length bracelet for you, but cant promise every material is available in every size. Please don't hesitate to contact us with special requests for custom orders in any size, material combination or style.