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* by purchasing Western Bohemian Organic Body Jewelry you are supporting traditional craftsmen and their cultures.

...enjoy your exotic nature

Western Bohemian's piercing jewelry, body jewelry, plugs and gauged earrings are hand crafted with precision skills by talented artists in exotic organic and natural materials to bring this organic jewelry to life.

This fine carved Organic Body Jewelry and wooden hand-carved gauge earrings are intended for use in stretched or gauged piercings that are well healed.

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A brief history of piercing and lobe stretching

The piercing and stretching of the ears is a time honored tribal tradition practiced by many cultures across the globe for centuries.
Lobe stretching as a cultural practice has spread around the planet, and the people who participate in it hold ear piercing and lobe stretching in ritual regard and as a rite of passage, mark of knowledge and method of beautification. In every human populated continent there exists a community of people who use piercing and organic jewelry as sacred adornment.


Some people's ears naturally stretch over time due to the wearing of large or heavy jewelry. Whether your ears are stretched naturally, professionally, or by yourself, you can use the following size chart to determine what size gauged jewelry will work for you.

Body Jewelry in sizes 00g, 0g, 2g, 4g, 6g, 8g, 10g, 12g and reversible size stretchers.

Find the largest size jewelry or gauged earring you have that will fit in your ear piercing.
Measure it with a caliper or other device and compare the measurement to that listed numerically on this chart. As all computer displays are different sizes, we do not recommend that you hold the jewelry to the image for reference, as it will most likely be incorrect.

Body Jewelry Size Chart