Wooden Jewelry

Wooden Jewelry : Natural Beauty

Wooden Jewelry has an amazing feeling that nothing else compares to. Bringing the gentle power of nature with you everywhere you go fills life with a different kind of experience. The gracefully carved forms are brought to life by skilled carvers who have an intrinsic feeling for creating beauty and adorning us with awe inspiring and quality jewelry. We love every piece, and get so many compliments when we use this jewelry, and are really happy to share it with you.

Handmade carved wood jewelry

 Beautifully designed wooden jewelry, carefully created with exotic wood by hand. Western Bohemian and GARUDA have been working for over a decade to create these unique pieces of jewelry. We start with the careful selection of the wood, create the design, and make each piece of jewelry by hand, one at a time. 

ORIGIN: Indonesia.

HARVESTING PRACTICE: The wood is plantation grown, home grown, or from wild farms in the villages.