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Boho beaded bracelets

Boho beaded bracelets

About our beaded bracelets and craftsmanship:

Woven one bead at a time, by hand these beautiful, colorful handmade boho beaded bracelets  are intricate, silky smooth and irresistible.

Each bracelet was meticulously created using an off-loom beading technique called Peyote stitch with great patience and care to bring you these stunning beaded cuffs. 

 Western Bohemian's shimmering woven beaded bracelets accent your personal style boldly and playfully with enticing appeal. Western Bohemian's colorful Bohemian beaded bracelets are available in styles ranging from simple and demure to festive and urban night wear. 

These handwoven bracelets fit average to small wrists, size 6" - 7 1/2"

Our bracelets were created in cooperation with the Indigenous Women's co-op of Panahachel to support and embower their native community and traditions.