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Amber and Silver pendant. 23 grams, Chiapas Amber

Natural Jewelry

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Amber Jewelry hand-carved in Chiapas Amber. 925 Sterling Silver and Chiapas Amber. Color: amber

Amber Jewelry | Chiapas Amber and Silver pendant. 23 grams. Large Sterling Silver Amber Pendant. Approximate measurement: 2.5 inches x 1.75 inches x .5 inches. Unique, handmade jewelry : one of a kind. Our hand-selected amber

23 g

 Beautiful, bold and fine, like you.

Natural, Organic Jewelry

Large Sterling Silver Amber Pendant Approximate measurement: 2.5 inches x 1.inches x .5 inches. Unique, handmade jewelry : one of a kind. Set in a deep sterling silver bezel, the amber gem rises 1/2 inch from your body to accentuate the dramatic inclusions and depth of the Amber. Our hand-selected amber is polished by hand and cut to accentuate the beauty and color of each individual gem. The amber of the region where we curated our collection is known for its beautiful classic color with the addition of mysterious smokey blue and green tones that come in when light shines from an angle, and for having lots of organic materials inside it, making it far more interesting and beautiful than amber from other parts of the world. Amber is not a stone, but fossilized resin of a tree closely related to the modern genusHymenaea,  hence its waxy feel and lightweight characteristics.

Enjoy your exotic nature.

Chiapas Amber and Silver pendant. 23 grams.

SKU # ap-23g


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