Amethyst Smoke.

Tribal Earrings

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Amethyst Smoke.

Feather Earrings handmade in fine feathers. Hand selected feathers carefully combined with lever-back sterling silver ear wires to create our feather earrings. Color: amethyst, white and black

Feather Earrings | Amethyst Smoke

Feather Earrings - Amethyst Smoke, sterling silver ear-wire, 5 inches long. Bohemian Jewelry Handmade in Boulder, CO. In touch with your ancient future.

5 inches long

Beautiful, bold and fine, like you.

WESTERN BOHEMIAN Organic Jewelry is always created to high quality standards and handmade by skilled artisans.

Feather Earrings - Tribal Jewelry

WESTERN BOHEMIAN jewelry and earrings are made with love, handmade, one piece at a time. Bohemian jewelry Handmade in Boulder, CO. TAKSAKA - In touch with your ancient future.

Enjoy your exotic nature.

Amethyst Smoke.

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