Natural Jewelry | Spring Vine, Black. Wooden Earrings. Natural.

Spring Vine, Black. Wooden Earrings. Natural.

Wooden Earrings

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This amazing pair of wooden earrings is handmade in naturally black wood. The organic and dimensional smooth stylized tribal lily leaves that fill the bottom of the drop hoop earrings seem alive and give a sense of fertility and femininity to this piece of jewelry.
Measures: 1 1/4 inches W x 1 3/4 inches L.
Color: black.
Material: wood.
Type: areng wood.
Style: Tribal, Boho, Hoop Earrings.
Very light weight.
Sold as pair.
Fits regular pierced ears.

Bohemian earrings.

Beautiful, bold and fine, like you.

Wooden Jewelry, handmade with precision skill by talented traditional artisans, carved in exotic wood. Very light weight. Tribal earrings : Divinely Feminine.

SKU # er-85-aw.

Enjoy your exotic nature.

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