Organic Body Jewelry | Celestial Talon, Sabo Wood. 0g Organic jewelry.

Celestial Talon, Sabo Wood. 0g Organic jewelry.

Wood Body Jewelry

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A crescent of wood curls like a talon inward and relays a series of flowing spirals that layer over each other. This set of 0 Gauge Body Jewelry is hand carved in organic Sabo Wood.
Color: woody peach to clay red.
Size: 0g
Measures : 1 3/8 inches W. X 2 1/4 inches L.

Tribal Body Jewelry and Gauged Earrings for large piercings.

Beautiful, bold and fine, like you.

Piercing jewelry created with precision skills by talented artists in exotic organic and natural materials to bring this organic jewelry to life. Fits stretched ear lobes.

Enjoy your exotic nature.

SKU # bj-76-sb-0g
GARUDA : Organic Body Jewelry

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