Tribal Jewelry | Tribal Dawn Steam. Wooden Earrings. Sono, Handmade Jewelry.

Tribal Dawn Steam. Wooden Earrings. Sono, Handmade Jewelry.

Wooden Earrings

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This Tribal Jewelry is handmade and natural.

Measures:  1 inches W x 1 3/4 inches L.

Beautiful, bold and fine. like you.

Carved Wood Jewelry

Our wood jewelry is finely carved with precision skill by talented tribal artisans. This stunning Bohemian jewelry is handmade and natural, created in exotic, genuine wood.

Carved Wooden Earrings, Tribal Earrings.

Very light weight Natural Wood Baroque Fleur De Lis Earrings : Beautiful Carved Hanging Wooden Earrings.

Amazingly crafted jewelry. Hand Carved Wooden Earrings.

Our tribal earrings and natural jewelry are always handmade and fair-trade. sono wood earrings.

SKU # er-63-sw.

Enjoy your exotic nature.

Our natural jewelry and earrings are handmade with love, one piece at a time. Wooden Jewelry


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