Deep Purple and Chocolate Cowrie and Oiled Buckskin, Reversible Leather Bracelet / Anklet.

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  • This super buttery smooth and giving one-of-a-kind cowrie shell and oiled leather ankle bracelet or 3XL bracelet, hand crafted by us in american oiled buckskin, natural sea shell and boutique-made deep caramel leather is reversible. The cowrie slide can be removed at will so the bracelet can be worn plain.

    The synergy of the natural elements of the ocean, the great plains of america and the tropical reefs of south east Asia bring a special spirit and energy to this line of one-of-a-kind exotic leather bracelets.

    You can reverse it so that the lush and unique oiled deerskin is on the inside or outside if you prefer. The clasp is button top bar with screw back, and fits smoothly. The buttons have a screw back, and may be changed to reverse the leather to reveal the richly oiled boutique tanned buckskin.


    Size and dimensions: 

    Width: 1 inch wide

    Size:  ADJUSTABLE: from 8 inches to 9 inches long. fits 7 1/2 inch to 8 3/4 inch wrist or ankle.



    *We can do custom made leather bracelet orders on request, one piece, in small quantities or wholesale batches.