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Beaded bracelets

beaded bracelets

Beaded Bracelets

Pueblo Sky. bead bracelet.

Western Bohemian

Handmade Jewelry

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* by purchasing GARUDA and Western Bohemian's Beaded Bracelets and Handmade Jewelry you are supporting traditional craftsmen and their cultures.

...enjoy your exotic nature

Pueblo Sky.

Beaded Bracelet handmade in light blue and white beads. Hand stitched, made with tiny colored glass seed beads using a technique called peyote stitch that has been passed down over generations for making both modern and traditional tribal jewelry. Color: blue and white

Beaded Bracelet | Pueblo Sky. 

 Approximately 1 inches wide. Fits: average to small wrists.

These bracelets are crafted by the Mayan Womens Cooperative and hand selected.

1 inches wide, 8 inches long

 Beautiful, bold and fine, like you.

WESTERN BOHEMIAN Organic Jewelry is always created to high quality standards and handmade by skilled artisans.

Beaded Jewelry

Flat Silky Bead Bracelet : These bracelets range from subtle and bold to outspoken and playful. Shimmering, shining, sparkle and amazing feel.  Our Bracelets were crafted by the Mayan Womens Cooperative in Central America with pride and care, and hand selected by us to meet your standards. Hand Woven Bracelet: shimmering cuff bracelet from our handmade jewelry collection. Fair trade.

Enjoy your exotic nature.

Pueblo Sky. bead bracelet.

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