Bone Jewelry | Ik. Mayan Glyph. Bone Necklace. Carved Jewelry.

Ik. Mayan Glyph. Bone Necklace. Carved Jewelry.

Tribal Jewelry

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Ik. Mayan Glyph.

Mayan Glyph Pendants hand-carved in Water Buffalo Bone. Color: White.

Mayan Glyph Amulets. Symbols from the Mayan astrology calendar carefully sculpted into small pendants or beads that can be worn in a necklace. This Mayan Glyph Jewelry is made from natural bone handcrafted into stunning pendants.

Measures:  7/8 inches W x 1 inches L.

Beautiful, bold and fine. like you.

Mayan Astrology Jewelry

SKU # maya-ik-b.

Enjoy your exotic nature.

Carved Bone Jewelry


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