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Lotus. Carved Earrings. Bone Jewelry.

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Bone Earrings carved and handmade of natural Water Buffalo Bone. Color: White.

Hand carved from natural materials. WESTERN BOHEMIAN Organic Wood Earrings.

measures:  1 1/4 inches W x 2 inches L.

 Beautiful, bold and fine, like you.

Carved Wood Jewelry

Tribal earrings: Hand carved, natural jewelry. WESTERN BOHEMIAN Organic Bone Earrings. Unique, handmade, beautiful tribal jewelry. WESTERN BOHEMIAN Organic Earrings.

Our earrings and natural organic jewelry are always handmade and fair-trade. bone earrings.

SKU # er-95-b.

Enjoy your exotic nature.

WESTERN BOHEMIAN jewelry and earrings are made with love, handmade, one piece at a time. Carved Bone Jewelry


bohemian, boho, fair trade, flower, for regular pierced ears.