Borneo Spirals. mother of pearl 8g, Organic Body Jewelry.

Organic Body Jewelry

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Borneo Spirals.

8 Gauge Body Jewelry, hand carved in Mother of Pearl. subtle iridescent rainbows play in the depths of this exotic mother of pearl, carefully carved and polished by hand into natural jewelry. Color: iridescent pearl white.

Organic body jewelry : organic and natural wood handmade body jewelry : gauges, ear gauges : Piercing shop style Organic Body Jewelry, Gauged Earrings, Stretchers : tribal and gothic style gauged earrings and organic jewelry.

 Beautiful, bold and fine, like you.

Organic Jewelry - Natural Jewelry

Our piercing jewelry, organic body jewelry and gauged jewelry are custom made, created with precision skills by talented artists in exotic organic and natural materials to create jewelry that brings more variety and excitement to life.

Enjoy your exotic nature.

SKU # bj-62-mop-8g GARUDA : Organic Body Jewelry


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