Sungkem (Devotion) Amulet

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SUNGKEM (Devotion)

We returning to the ancient. These chic Hindi Amulets bring your inner bohemian to peace at the surface of your yogi body on a necklace or whatever you choose.   We are unique, but also the same..

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Yoga Jewelry : Carved Pendant

Yoga Jewelry | These pendants, inscribed with ancient traditional Hindi script from the Island of Bali, hand carved in natural horn, are to keep us mindful of our inner power and reinforce our ultimate truths.

Beautiful, bold and fine. like you.

Western Bohemian horn earrings, horn jewelry and tribal jewelry are hand crafted with precision skill by talented artisans whose tradition has been making carved jewelry such as pendants, necklaces and earrings in natural and organic materials for centuries.

Water Buffalo Horn. Natural deep black water buffalo horn, carved and polished to a smooth finish by hand to create our horn jewelry.

SKU # pn-sungkem

Yoga Jewelry | Hindi Jewelry

WESTERN BOHEMIAN Organic Jewelry is always created to high quality standards and handmade by skilled artisans.