Natural Jewelry | Lotus Vine. Green Hibiscus. Wooden Earrings.

Lotus Vine. Green Hibiscus. Wooden Earrings.

Wood Earrings

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Lotus blossoms on an arched vine. Wood Earrings carved and handmade of natural Hibiscus wood, green. Wood jewelry of this type comes in a variety of colors depending on the variety and color of the flowers on the tree. This jewelry is made from hibiscus wood in a mysterious grey to green tone. Strong, smooth and finely grained with beautiful color, it is carved and polished by hand.

Color: black green.
measures: 1 inches W x 1 3/4 inches L.
Material: hibiscus wood.
Style: Floral tribal hoop earring.
Super lightweight. Deep, mysterious color.
Sold as pair.
Fits regular pierced ears.
bohemian earrings.

Beautiful, bold jewelry handmade with precision skill by talented tribal artisans.

Hand-carved natural jewelry : Drop Earrings.

SKU # er-83-wl(gr).

Enjoy your exotic nature.

Handmade with love, handmade, one piece at a time.

Tags: boho, fair trade, flower, for regular pierced ears, hanging, hibiscus wood, hippie, hypoallergenic, organic, peg, post.

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