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4 Gauge Body Jewelry

Willow Blossom. bone 4g body jewelry.

GARUDA : Wood Earrings & Organic Jewelry

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Willow Blossom.

4 Gauge Body Jewelry handmade in fine Water Buffalo Bone. This organic water buffalo bone in beautiful ivory-like natural white cream color is carved and polished smooth by hand to create our bone jewelry. Color: White

4 Gauge Body Jewelry | Willow Blossom. bone 4g body jewelry.

4 Gauge. Natural Organic Tribal Bone Body Jewelry and Gauged Earrings for large piercings. Unique, handmade, beautiful white tribal jewelry. WESTERN BOHEMIAN Organic and Bone Earrings. 4g.


Beautiful, bold and fine, like you.

WESTERN BOHEMIAN Organic Jewelry is always created to high quality standards and handmade by skilled artisans.

Organic Jewelry - Natural Jewelry

Western Bohemian piercing jewelry, body jewelry, plugs and gauged earrings are hand crafted with precision skills by talented artists in exotic organic and natural materials to bring this organic jewelry to life. Hand Carved : Bone Gauged Earrings for Large Piercings. Bone Hanging Gauges. Fits stretched ear lobes.

Enjoy your exotic nature.

Willow Blossom. bone 4g body jewelry.

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