Natural Jewelry | Mantra, black. Tribal Earrings. Wooden.

Mantra, black. Tribal Earrings. Wooden.

Wood Earrings

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These large drop earrings are handmade in spirals of natural areng wood, a deep black hard wood. This tribal jewelry is made of exotic wood. Fair trade, Carved jewelry by GARUDA Organic Jewelry.
Type: Wooden Jewelry.
Measures: 1 1/4 inches W x 2 inches L.
Color: Black.
Material: Ebony wood.
Style: Hawaiian, Boho, Tribal.
Sold as pair.
Size: Fits regular pierced ears.

Beautiful, bold and fine, like you.

Carved Jewelry and natural tribal jewelry and wood earrings are hand-crafted with precision skill by talented artisans whose tradition has been carving in natural and organic materials for centuries.
Our tribal earrings and natural jewelry are always handmade and fair-trade. WESTERN BOHEMIAN jewelry and earrings.
SKU # er-29-aw.
Enjoy your exotic nature.
Wooden Jewelry
Tags: big, black, black earrings, black wood, bohemian, boho jewelry, ebony wood, fair trade, for regular pierced ears, gothic, hanging.

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