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12 Gauge Earrings | Western Bohemian

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Natural Jewelry : 12 Gauge Earrings :

* by purchasing Western Bohemian 12 Gauge Earrings you are supporting traditional craftsmen and their cultures.

...enjoy your exotic nature

Wood, buffalo bone and other natural materials. Organic Body Jewelry and wooden hand-carved gauged earrings in unique styles Western Bohemian : Organic jewelry in touch with your ancient futures.

12 Gauge Earrings - 12g Organic Body Jewelry care

* Due to its organic nature, our Organic Body Jewelry should only be used in well healed piercings.*

Please care for your organic jewelry in the following way:

cleaning: clean occasionally, as needed, with a mild soap and water. dry thoroughly. condition your organic jewelry lightly with jojoba oil or another natural oil.
 do not soak in anything, do not boil or autoclave!

storage:  store in a cool, dry place. (such as your dresser top or jewelry box.)
do not leave for extended time in your car, sunny window, or other hot or sunny place.
do not leave your organic jewelry in a place where it may become wet. (such as on your bathroom sink or in the shower.)


*Need help with finding your size? ...see our gauge size chart