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Coconut Jewelry

Handmade coconut jewelry. Natural coconut jewelry, carefully handmade, created with rich natural and organic coconut wood and shell. Western Bohemian & GARUDA have been working with traditional artists for over a decade to create this amazing jewelry. We start with the careful selection of the material, create the design, and carve each pair of earrings by hand, one at a time, then sand and buff to a fine, soft polish. The smooth finish and careful attention to detail make every piece of this unique coconut jewelry something others will admire and you will love to wear. We hope you enjoy the amazing craftsmanship and range of styles, colors and designs: Western Bohemian and GARUDA natural jewelry. Our coconut jewelry is handcrafted by traditional people whose family tradition has been carving for hundreds of years. Fair-trade.


Organic : Natural : exotic : coconut jewelry...


Handmade, fair trade and SEXY...

Western Bohemian coconut Earrings

...enjoy your exotic nature...

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Jupiter Hoop. Extra Large. Coconut. coconut wood hoop earrings.

Regular price $30.00

Mana Hoop. light coconut wood hoop earrings.

Regular price $28.00

Mana Hoop. dark coconut wood hoop earrings.

Regular price $28.00

Tahoe Hoops. coconut wood hoop earrings.

Regular price $25.00

Medium Large Angular Hoops. Coconut wood earrings.

Regular price $20.00

Fire Leaf. coconut wood earrings.

Regular price $16.00 Sold Out

Basic Talon. coconut shell earrings.

Regular price $10.00

Basic Hoop. Coconut Shell Hoop Earrings

Regular price $8.00 Sold Out

GARUDA Organic Jewelry : Coconut Jewelry