Beaded Bracelets

These stunning beadwork cuffs range from subtle and bold to outspoken and playful. Brilliant Beaded Bracelets and Woven Beaded Cuffs : Shimmering, shining sparkle and amazing feel. In a beautiful range of powerful colors with meaning.

Fits average to small wrists, from size 6 inch to 7 1/2 inch 

Beadwork has been used as a form of expression and adornment since beads were first used, nearly as long as we have existed as humans. This powerful history brings affluence in grace and power through adornment with bold colors and patterns brought to enrich your life with delicate yet strong and supple beaded jewelry. Adorn yourself and let your glory radiate when you grace the world outside with your elegance and playful nature.

...bring the wisdom of ages to life, and life to the age of modern time.

See bottom of page for bead color meanings and power

GARUDA and Western Bohemian jewelry : Beaded Bracelets

Seed Bead Bracelets - color and meanings


White beads symbolize purification, spirituality, hope, protection, peace, and blessings of the Moon.


Red beads symbolize physical vitality. Also courage, good fortune, and life. Corresponds to the 1st or root chakra, and the musical note C.


Blue beads give mental abilities, health, connection with spirits, peace, knowledge, communication, and protection. Also psychic awareness. Corresponds to the third eye, the 5th and 6th chakra, and the musical notes A and G.


Yellow beads give Intelligence, playfulness, cheerfulness, mental alertness, prosperity, and blessings from the Sun. Corresponds to the 3rd or solar plexus chakra, and the musical note E.


Green beads symbolize Harmony, unity, money, prosperity, growth, health, nature, nature spirits, animal and plant spirits, forgiveness, and fertility. Corresponds to the 4th or heart chakra, and the musical note F.

Green and red mixed beads assist financial matters.


Orange beads bring attraction, energy, and success.

Also creativity, physical love, new ideas, will power, love, and independence.

Corresponds to the 42nd or sacral chakra, and the musical note D.


Pink beads attract love, romance, caring, feelings, empathy, kindness, and tenderness. Corresponds to the 4th or heart chakra, and the musical note F.


Gray beads symbolize peace and neutrality.


Purple beads activate higher thought and connectivity with the universe.

corresponds to the crown chakra, and the musical note B.


Brown beads give stability and respect. They also symbolize the home and grounding.

Brown beads striped in black, like the tail beads of a pheasant, give a balance between the physical and spiritual life.

Brown beads banded or mixed with white bring happiness and give the kind of protection that enables one to go unnoticed amidst those who would harm them.

Brown and red mixed beads bring healing to animals.


Black beads give the mystical wisdom that comes with true spiritual initiation. they also offer protection, and repelling negative energy.

Corresponds to the 1st or root chakra, and the musical note C.

Black, iridescent beads give mystical insight.

Black and white mixed beads give union and protection.

Black (or gray) beads banded or mixed with white give hope, balance and harmony.

Black mixed with purple means deep spirituality.

Black, white, and blue mixed beads brings change.

Fair-Trade Bead Cuff Bracelets

Woven one bead at a time by hand, these beautiful, colorful handmade beaded bracelets  are intricate, silky smooth and irresistible.

Each bracelet was meticulously created using an off-loom beading technique called Peyote stitch with great patience and care to bring you these stunning beaded cuffs

 Western Bohemian's shimmering woven bead bracelets accent your personal style boldly and playfully with enticing appeal. Western Bohemian's colorful bracelets are available in styles ranging from simple and demure to festive and urban night wear. 

Our bracelets were created in cooperation with the Indigenous Women's co-op of Panahachel to support and embower their native community and traditions.