Handmade Jewelry

Handmade Earrings and Jewelry

Handcrafted jewelry in natural and organic materials. Finely made jewelry, carefully curated by us, personally. 

We know about making jewelry by hand. it takes skill, patience, diligence and creativity,  as well as a sense of beauty and aesthetics. Our founder studied Fine Arts and Design in the university, and excelled in all levels, especially critique. Thats why we are able to offer you the best handmade earrings and fine craft jewelry in our genre. 

You will find our jewelry to be pleasing to the touch and to the eyes, well made, and to accent your look and mood in such a way that you will always want to be wearing it. We use materials such as wood, bone, horn, silver, amber and beads to create these unique earrings and jewelry in beautiful materials meant to last.