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Wood Body Jewelry :|: GARUDA Organic jewelry

* by purchasing this handcrafted jewelry you are supporting traditional crafts & families. ...enjoy your exotic nature.

In sizes 00g, 0g, 2g, 4g, 6g, 8g, 10g, and 12g, our Wooden Body Jewelry custom carved in a variety of natural woods | Gauged Jewelry | Organic Body jewelry.

Our assortment of Wood Body Jewelry and Wooden Gauged Earrings in over 200 sizes and materials. Tribal Piercing Jewelry and Wood Gauges created in organic jewelry materials, carved by skilled artists. Natural, hand carved, custom.

This collection of body jewelry carved from wood in tribal styles is available in sizes 00, 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 gauge. We have been working on our collection of wood piercing jewelry since 2001, when we got our first piercings and stretched our lobes. To see our complete collection of organic jewelry or body jewelry, use the navigation drop down menu at the top left We offer several choices of natural body jewelry in organic materials. The choice of styles of spiral body jewelry ranging from a simple spiral to a series of interwoven spirals and swirling loops dangling into plant like forms seems almost alive, and we evolve with it. The variety of designs in wooden gauges ranges from Maori spirals, Borneo inspired jewelry, baroque, floral and vining tribal carved wood jewelry for your amazing stretched lobes. Wood as a perfect choice for healthy piercings is a time trusted tradition, but special knowledge is required to know what types of wood are safe for you skin and which ones should not be used. We have researched to find exotic woods in stunning colors that are safe and healthy for your piercings and stretched lobes, and only offer gauges in neutral wood that is safe. Do not try to make your own from any type of wood without knowing exactly if the the wood has been treated with something or if it is proven safe. Do enjoy our body jewelry made by hand with safe materials and high quality skill in a basic range of standard piercing sizes.

Stretching and piercing of our ears with wooden jewelry is a ritual form of adornment that originated thousands of years ago. Every place on our Earth that uses or has used this tradition has a different series of symbols and rites that have accompanied the feeling of self expression and stages of life and accomplishments as well as status that is relayed through the language of piercing and custom wooden gauges. Although not every piercing has a symbolic meaning, nor does every style of traditional body jewelry, most of us remember when and why we chose to adorn ourselves with modified piercings and wood body jewelry. Sometimes it is a stage of growth for the self, sometimes a symbol of togetherness and trust that records memories of life and friendships, and sometimes we just want to look good. many of us do not want to take the time to maintain a gauged piercing, so we also offer a range of fake gauges and faux gauge earrings made in wood and other organic materials as well as Wooden Earrings for regular pierced ears.

Since 2001 GARUDA worked with artists in traditional villages in remote and difficult to find locations to make the finest genuine tribal piercing jewelry in small batches, by hand. The range of exotic materials we craft these handmade pieces with includes a range of tropical wood that has unfortunately been recently over used by a boom in industry producers whom practice business without regard to the long term needs our our earth and its people. We are making another attempt to find an undisturbed place that still flourishes with culture and fine materials to further expand our brilliant selection of wooden piercing jewelry, and look forward to your insights and request for specific types of culturally important and unique jewelry for stretched lobes and piercings.