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* by purchasing Western Bohemian Carved Jewelry you are supporting traditional craftsmen and their cultures.

...enjoy your exotic nature

Carved jewelry that brings the essence of life everywhere you go. Natural wood, buffalo horn and jewelry and earrings. These pieces are designed for a lifetime of wear. A stunning collection of jewelry created from natural and organic materials such as bone, wood, and horn by traditional indigenous craftsmen in Oceanic Asia.

Carved jewelry handmade of natural and organic materials which are ecologically sourced. Our carvers have learned their traditional craft from a lineage of ancestral carvers whose skill has been being passed from parent to child for centuries. The feeling of wearing hand carved jewelry gives an exuberant brilliance to the way we are perceived and filled our experiences with depth that radiates into the soul of life and beauty. The careful attention to detail and fine craftsmanship exude a lush need for jewelry made to last and be cherished. There is an energy to these handmade carved pieces that brings stability, calm, and joy. As the perfect accessories for life head your way, enjoy wearing this finely finished and high quality natural jewelry. It is the perfect way to complete your soulful expressions without saying a word.

..spoil yourself, and feel good about it: Our carved natural jewelry is fair trade, handmade and carved by traditional tribal artists. when you buy WESTERN BOHEMIAN jewelry, you are supporting life!

* by purchasing our carved natural jewelry you are supporting traditional cultures, their arts, and way of living.

...enjoy your exotic nature.