Wooden Piercing Jewelry

Organic Piercing Jewelry: hand carved from wood, bone, horn and other natural materials. These earrings are for stretched ear lobes, in sizes from 12 gauge to 00 gauge. From GARUDA Organics and Western Bohemian.

Tribal Piercing Jewelry

Gauged Jewelry, handmade with quality beautiful natural and organic materials. We have have been working with tribal artists in exotic lands for over a decade creating organic jewelry for your piercings. We start with the careful selection of the material and carve each piece of body jewelry by hand, one at a time, perfecting the size and finish for a perfect gauged earring fit. The smooth finish and careful attention to detail make this organic jewelry something you will enjoy wearing. The amazing craftsmanship and range of styles, natural materials, gauge sizes and designs make Western Bohemian and GARUDA organic body jewelry the best.  Our Jewelry is hand-carved by tribal artists whose tradition has been carving organic jewelry and art for hundreds of years. Fair-trade. Hand carved.

Organic : Exotic : Natural



Our finely hand-carved Organic Jewelry, Organic Gauges and Bone Body Jewelry are intended for use in stretched or gauged piercings that are well healed.