Tribal Silver Earrings

Silver Tribal Earrings : beautiful, like you. Fine crafted oceanic and Maori style tribal silver earrings, as bold and elegant as you are... Modern Bohemian style meets the ancient tribal artistry of our Earth's indigenous peoples.

GARUDA and Western Bohemian jewelry : Tribal Silver Earrings

Silver Tribal Earrings, carefully made in 925 sterling silver, inspired by Tribal and Oceanic designs: Western Bohemian & GARUDA have been working with traditional artists for over a decade to create our amazing silver jewelry to share with you. We start with beautiful, fine, natural materials, then design and craft each piece by hand, one at a time. The earrings are polished to a fine, softly shining finish.. The smooth feeling and careful attention to detail make Western Bohemian’s unique, handmade Silver Tribal Earrings something timeless.